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Paul Daley has been something of a clique figure among U.K. MMA fans for over 10 years, however at this point he considers to hit pay earth with the greatest success of his profession.

Daley (40-16-2 MMA, 6-3 BMMA) built up his notoriety for being an unnervingly ground-breaking striker who might test his abilities against anybody on the planet. He says he has settled the riddle such a significant number of Michael Page's (13-0 MMA, 8-0 BMMA) past rivals neglected to ace, and that he's prepared to end the promotion train of his kinsman.

"I'm a crisp, experienced contender," Daley said. "I'm not (Evangelista) 'Cyborg' (Santos), who has been in heaps of fights, been KOd previously, taken loads of punches. I'm youthful, I'm athletic and quick. I punch hard, I'm truly tough, I can take a punch and I'm completely mindful of what he brings into the confine.

"For me, it's a basic triumph."

Daley and Page partook in a testy news meeting in London today in front of their headliner conflict at Bellator 216, which happens Feb. 16 in Uncasville, Conn. The fundamental card streams on DAZN following prelims on MMAjunkie.

The more experienced Daley said his contrary number's endeavors to get under his skin demonstrated a component of worry in front of their long awaited conflict.

"He supposes I'm flighty, he imagines that I'm not extremely scientific, he feels that I'm indiscreet and he believes that I'm somebody who doesn't gain from past missteps – and those things are off base," Daley revealed to MMAjunkie backstage at the Viacom U.K. home office in London. "The sort of poise I appeared there (in front of an audience), and the sort of conduct that he endeavored to incite, for me, is only a mask of his frailties and real dread.

"He knows he's in there with an, entirely fit, extremely, truly tough knockout craftsman – one of the most exceedingly terrible individuals to battle in case you're not a wrestler. He's not a wrestler. To battle somebody who's very sturdy, doesn't get halted, doesn't get thumped out, and thumps individuals out reliably – that is a ghastly person to battle in case you're a striker. I'm unobtrusively sure. The measure of battles doesn't play out excessively when I'm in the confine. It's having the experience preceding getting in the enclosure, and doing the things I'm doing in camp now, that will be conclusive when we get in the confine on Feb. 16."

A large number of Page's earlier rivals have attempted, and fizzled, to settle the riddle of his showy striking style. In any case, Daley says he's stripped down his adversary's style by returning to Page's underlying foundations as a point-battling kickboxer.

The Nottingham man says it was an activity that persuaded him that he presently has the answer for the "MVP" perplex.

"Michael sort of provided me the insight into how to get ready for him, and generally it's not to plan for him," he said. "I'm not going to acquire a person for competing to move and dance and do the breakdancing, in light of the fact that you can't get that mix in a warrior. That is one of a kind to Mike. In any case, what is Michael Page? On the off chance that you backpedal on YouTube and you see everything – his pant kickboxing – he's a light-contact contender. That is the thing that he has practical experience in.

"He's not as one of a kind as he considers, and the folks I've acquired to fight, I've stated: 'Look, you're not Michael Page. I need you to battle like you're on those mats in a recreation focus, point-scoring battling.' Because that is the thing that he is. What's more, that is a piece of the dream that individuals have become tied up with. He doesn't move when he throws a jab – that is a diversion – and the bobbing back and forward movement, that is to disrupt you to slide in so he can get his correct hand. I realize that now, since I've fought these light-contact warriors."

Daley clarified that the light-contact competing sessions – which saw him face a totally extraordinary kind of military craftsman to the sort he's made a profession against inside the enclosure – filled in as a light minute when he understood how he expected to approach the battle with Page.

"The principal competing I had with these folks, it resembled, 'This is the thing that I required,' and right then and there I knew he couldn't beat me, since I understood what other individuals were feeling, and I don't assume they arranged for that," Daley said. "It is agitating to be in there with a person who's continually pushing, bobbing ahead. Be that as it may, when you get the rounds in with these folks and you begin to perceive these developments, these bluffs, these setups and these devices, it isn't so difficult.

"I think poise will be a monstrous key to this battle and I'm incredibly created and prepared to perform."

The waste talk that has been returning and forward for as far back as year and a half presently is practically finished, and keeping in mind that Page is as yet hoping to point-score with verbal pokes, Daley seems cool and quiet in front of the challenge.

A grin broke out over his face when he was asked how the battle would play out when the pair at long last meet inside the Bellator confine.

"I'm going to thump him out," Daley said. "It's what I've been stating for every one of my battles, however it's my specialty. I'm going to thump him out.

"He's an extraordinary contender, very skilled, however he's not going to beat me."


[Hear] UFC 234 Live Stream Online Free Full Fight - Whittaker vs Gastelum

[Hear] UFC 234 Live Stream Online Free Full Fight

[Hear] UFC 234 Live Stream Online Free Full

[Hear] UFC 234 Live Stream Online Free

[Hear] UFC 234 Live Stream Online

[Hear] UFC 234 Live Stream

[Hear] UFC 234 Live

[Hear] UFC 234

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