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What are Voluntary Commitments (VCs)?

  • VCs are new or existing concrete pledges that support the implementation of SDG 14 target(s);
  • They are expected to be specific in nature, quantified where possible, focused on delivering one or more target(s) under SDG 14 (see the Voluntary Commitments FAQs).


Countries and stakeholder groups may register their Voluntary Commitments (VCs) at any point. However, they are encouraged to register VCs here in advance to the Ocean Conference to ensure they are included in the proceedings of the Conference. See the VC FAQs >

    Who can commit to conserve and promote the sustainable use of the ocean, seas and marine resources?

    Any entity that is committed to taking action on sustainable ocean use and conservation at any level (e.g. governments at national, provincial, local; NGOs; community-based organizations; academia; the private sector; and UN agencies) is encouraged to develop voluntary commitments or to register their existing commitments (made after September 2015).

    [1] Existing ocean-related commitments may have been made by governments or various stakeholder groups. A valid commitment made after September 2015 that can have a small or large impact on the ocean is a valid commitment and can be registered at: https://oceanconference.un.org/commitments/


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